The people of Ukraine need our help.





The people of Ukraine need our help.

A year after this unprovoked war began, the people of Ukraine still need our help.

When the first bombs began to fall on Ukraine, President Zelenskyy stood in the face of aggression and became the voice of the nation. When asked by allied countries if he wanted a way out, he replied, “I need ammunition, not a ride.

In the year since this horrific war began, President Zelenskyy has kept his promise to stay and defend Ukraine. During that time, the millions of Ukrainians who decided to stay and stand with him have become desperate for the things we take for granted every day.

As someone of Ukrainian heritage, I've been, proudly, working hard to help the people of Ukraine. Please donate to The Winnick Foundation and let your contribution help those in need. Thank you so much.


Starting February 24th 2023, all proceeds from donations made to The Winnick Foundation will go to UNITED24, dedicated to uniting the world around supporting Ukraine; to PROTECT, SAVE and REBUILD

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